Leadership Consulting and Coaching
Dr. Platter has decades of experience hiring, mentoring, and coaching leaders. She helps leaders build on the skills they already have so they can thrive in their current positions and continue to improve over time. Strategic thinking and political savvy are a few of the skills that leaders must have ensure that key projects are successful. Dr. Platter helps leaders analyze these leadership skills in themselves and provides a focused plan of coaching and consulting that will lead to ongoing leadership growth.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential to organizational leadership. Strategic planning done properly allows everyone to become engaged and energized about organizational goals. Dr. Platter believes that most problems in organizations are a result of broken systems and when the systems are fixed, employees are more engaged and loyal to the organization. Dr. Platter’s strategic planning process is efficient, engaging, and actionable. Those who have experienced her leadership in this process are the biggest proponents of and remain engaged in the process long after the formal sessions end.

Professional Development
Quality professional development is the best investment an organization or individual can make to improve results. Research shows that when professional development is well-thought-out and individualized, the participants will use what they learn for the benefit of the organization. Dr. Platter understands the time and effort that goes into hiring the right people and the importance of investing in their ongoing development. Dr. Platter's professional development methodology ensures that all participants are engaged and energized throughout the sessions and they leave with skills that can be used immediately. She will work with the organization's leaders to design a professional development plan that aligns with organizational goals and objectives.

Keynote Speeches
Dr. LaFaye Platter is an engaging keynote speaker with the ability to effectively communicate your message and create the precise emotional response necessary for your event.  She is masterful at keeping the audiences engaged and energized during the speech.  Organizations who have used her as a keynote speaker have invited her to return repeatedly.  Dr. Platter is available to discuss your company culture, the content, and outcome you desire from the keynote speech.